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Primal Aggression Layered in Theatrical Mysticism - 87%

TheStormIRide, April 28th, 2017

Cult of Eibon popped onto the radar after 2016’s Fullmoon Invocation, a short EP that saw the band bringing a rather mature take on Hellenic black metal, belying their newly founded status. It was a short run, but it was a fine offering shrouded in the mid-paced mysticism the scene is famous for. After a line up change, including the addition of Kawir vocalist Porphyrion into their ranks, Cult of Eibon returns with their sophomore EP, Lycan Twilight Sorcery through Iron Bonehead Productions.

Though the cover art is a tad juvenile, it really represents the dark and mythical approach taken. The EP is full mid-paced grandeur; sporting pulsing, rollicking riffs that recall the glory days of Rotting Christ and Varathron, with frequent surges of fast paced percussion, bordering on blasts. While the keys aren’t quite as prevalent as they were on the debut, they emphasize that old school, theatrical style, without over saturating the music. Chunky, palm muted movements with trailing harmonics mix with raw and forceful bursts of frenetic trem riffing; everything colliding together to usher a genuine ’90s Greek black metal sound. The production is certainly more clear than the debut, allowing for the nodding bass lines to pierce through the haze, yet everything is still layered within a shroud of darkness, keeping the occult vibes firmly in place. Perhaps the only downside is the drum sound, which feels inorganic and programmed at times.

While traditional Hellenic black metal seems to be going through a resurgence of sorts, Cult of Eibon proves to be at the top of the pile. Equally majestic and primitive, Lycan Twilight Sorcery builds upon the band’s debut with excellent songwriting and a more full-bodied production. Fans of the classic Greek black metal bands, like Rotting Christ and Varathron should surely find plenty of enjoyment in this one. While newer blood such as Ithaqua and Katavasia have been releasing top notch material, Cult of Eibon is proving more than worthy to carry the banner forward. This is pure Hellenic black metal; primal, aggressive and layered in theatrical mysticism.

Written for The Metal Observer.