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Hellish Hammer - 70%

So_It_Is_Done, February 12th, 2007

Cult of Daath is the most radical example of simplistic black metal. Their style is similar to Beherit, which means that their songs are even simpler than those of Darkthrone. However; their simplicity is not so bad.

Hammering percussion is the motor of Cult of Daath. It has no spectacular shifts and it is mainly monotonous. On the other hand, its pleasant deep sounding cause stamping, especially when played loud. Guitars have the same features. They are simple, but there are also some interesting periods, and even enjoyable at moments. The most standing out part of this album is vocal. It is loud and harsh, probably having some strong effect put on. Memorable.

Lyrics are just blasphemous, necro – occult – necromantic bullshit. The message of Armageddon worship and cursing everything around is hidden behind dull lyrics about horned demons and similar bible-influenced stories.

Everything summed up, this album is only for those who still like to come back to the very roots of black metal. If you are among demanding listeners who seek ‘treasures’ in this music, don’t try this album out.