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Transcendance - 72%

nilgoun, April 4th, 2011

The EP consists of four songs and it has a total playing time of estimated 21 minutes. The first track Souterrains creates an oppressive, dazing atmosphere through the usage of humming guitar rhythms and buzzing melodies. The vocals sound like someone is growling in the basement of a building, with the vocalist one room besides the microphone. That means, the vocals are quite resounding and silent.

Whereas the first song tried to spread some cold, the second song Déréliction is sounding much warmer and more harmonic. The vocals are still resounding and silent like in the first song, sometimes even hard to notice at all. Sadly, their attempt to create a melancholic atmosphere is destroyed the moment the riff which is played between the verses is kicking in.

The third song also keeps the style of the neglected vocals, which is quite sad, especially as the clean vocals are better implemented. They tend to use some synthesizer sounds in the last two songs and some female/male backing vocals in addition to that. The last song is a pure instrumental song, mostly shaped through the sound of a piano.

They never really mess with the song structure in terms of variation in tempo or dynamic, so you could say they are quite simple. The production is acceptable although they tried to get the vocals somewhat raw, but kept the rest quite clean which is a bit of a mess.


Transcendence is a quite good EP, that proves one more time that canadian black metal does not have to hide itself. The production is the biggest flaw on this EP, since it is quite upsetting that they kind of “ruined” the atmosphere they could have created. The riffs are quite good, although there is sometimes a slightly déja-vu effect. Nonetheless the EP is quite solid and discretely and there might be some really cool stuff from this guys in the future.
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