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Hungry Tigerlily, Can You Hear Them Scream? - 76%

CHAIRTHROWER, September 15th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2019, Digital, Independent

With a name like Crystal Spiders, you'd expect the Raleigh, North Carolina duo to wax strictly arachnophobic and lugubrious, in perhaps a Black Road, Sibyl or Windhand manner, yet, aside from fuzzily buzzing bass lurches or swaggers - like the one occupying opening bars to "Tigerlily", first cut off a tri-tiered, eleven minute (not eleventh hour) 2019 Demo - Brenna Leath and Tradd Yancey convincingly teeter between grungier, mid-tempo fulminations of a starkly haunted nature, and said, wanly developed rhythmic overtures, the lot cruising above CS' cadaverously spectral songstress. (If anything, the band name beats, by an immeasurable long-shot, a moniker such as Amethyst Dildos, or sumthin'!)

Actually, the two-minute long, heavy bass jangle and debonair, caustically tossed caws of "Flamethrower" (Judas Priest bows, deeply), along with its speedy groove-thrash guitar riff, pushes the extremes of so-called hard-driving doom metal, in time for judicious gear change, at behest of laconically sung and lyricize'd finale "Devil's Resolve". Perhaps the sludgier, not to mention genre-expectant, piece, it's cobwebbed and festooned by pendulously mountainous riffing, backed vocally by drummer Tradd, whose sluggish, albeit pummelling, thwacks, prove ideal counterpoint to festively wheezing, creeper of a mini-lead, prior to quintessential return to funereal, moribund form.

With, now, a full-length debut proper lurking around the bend (due out on the 25th, if MA almanac is correct) - which reprises highlight "Tigerlily" - Crystal Spiders crawls out from beneath its toadstool (or rock), in order to shatter our insouciance, as well as join ranks of aforementioned, huskily femme fronted formations...