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A Struggling Return - 75%

los347, November 22nd, 2006

General observations - I feel that the album starts off strong, has a weak follow up, but a good end. After In the Kingdom Where Everything Dies, the Sky Is Mortal, most of the tracks kind of blend together - they're average and sound the same. In The Curse of the Great, the song has this very interesting intro with just the bass progressing into drums. Unfortunately, the rest of the song seems to go back to being ok and sounding exactly like the other songs. However, what I really love about this album are the last few songs. Angelskingarden is an overall good and interesting song. There's a clean guitar part in The Pestilence that Walketh in Darkness that gives the song personality, and the last track was definitely a great choice to end the album with. It's powerful, brutal, and it reminds me of Whisper Supremacy, which happens to be my favorite album of theirs.

Praise/Criticisms - Flo Mounier continues to blow us away with his drumming. It's tight (as opposed to being sloppy), technical, and fast. However, this albums seems to have been designed to simply showcase Mounier. The production of the album is such that the drums are so overpowering the guitars are barely audible, which is a shame seeing that their guitarists are talented, too.

Lord Worm, who returned to Cryptopsy, does an ok job with the vocals. While his grunts are done well, he makes these drawn-out gasps that sound like someone who has sand in their throat trying to scream. It's annoying and reminds me of Chris Barnes's "singing" in Six Feet Under.

Overall, the albums just takes too long time to deliver satisfying results. While I do like the last third of this album, the fact that I had to sit through so many monotonous songs made it less enjoyable.