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Here lieth Cryptopsy... - 25%

Wra1th1s, October 12th, 2008

...born headless 1992, died 2005. Any sighting from 2005 onwards is tantamount to zombie sightings.

In all honesty Cryptopsy, as a listenable band, really did die in 2005. They died the minute Jon Levasseur left because, as this album shows, they can't write songs worth a dead man's last fuck.Yeah they still have Lord Worm and his demented 'poetry' but what good is it if the songs sound so disjointed, so random, so...wank!

Make no mistake, this is back when Flo Mournier could play drums and he was without his fashionhawk. This is back when Alex Auburn was rocking the skullet and could still play riffs (sort of.) Back when you can still hear Eric Langlois! And Lord Worm was still doing those...what the fuck? Where's the trademark Lord Worm HORGH HORGH HORGHs and GYAAAAAAHs? You cheese-eating surrender monkeys! What did you do to Lord Worm?

We kick off with the Levasseur penned instrumental "Luminum," enjoy it. It's the only song with any kind of coherency, even by Cryptopsy standards. Then comes "In the Kingdom Where Everything Dies, The Sky is Mortal," which has some admittedly awesome moments, but those are few and far in between. When the song kicks into high gear and the guitar(s) play what I affectionately call the 'ice cream man' melody (just whistle it, it sounds like what ice cream trucks play don't it?) they already go off the rails. The drums and guitar don't play in the same time signature and all you hear is just a great big aural mess.

Some songs are good though. "Adeste Infidelis" and "The Curse of the Great" are passable, "Keeping the Cadaver Dogs Busy" has some of Lord Worm's sickest lyrics (headless fetus found rotting on the roof of a house...*ick*) but instrumentally dry. The tremolo riffs sound cliché, the drumming lacks heart, Langlois is nowhere to be found. Most of the songs can be described that way ("The Frantic Pace of Dying," "Carrionshine".)

The production really sucks tit. Flo's ego starts showing on this record, he's front row center and so damn loud you can't really hear anything else. Auburn and Langlois are present but Eric is really dialed down. Lord Worm's vox, as stated before, is no longer the indecipherable demonic babbling of yore and he's somewhat lower in the mix than usual.

They really should have called it quits when Jon left. Better yet, when Lord Worm first left. That way there's no DiSalvo debacle, no Lacroix, and certainly no Flohawk feat. Lord Sperm (type craptopsy in myspace, gave me a good giggle.)

You know, I actually like this band. None So Vile and Blasphemy Made Flesh are regulars on my playlist. It kills me that they made this train wreck and followed it up with the musical equivalent of a holocaust.

Stay away from this shit folks!