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None So Impressive - 100%

hexen, March 16th, 2008

Upon first exposure to None So Vile, one instantaneously detects the multifaceted composition brilliance, veracity and musical intrepidness. This music reveals itself with layer upon layer of polyrhythmic structuring fabricated ahead of an audacious tempo. None So Vile manages to synthesize highly experimental music through leaps of highly technical passages alternating between speed and grooves; these are musicians who feel comfortable playing outside any zone of musical predictability.

This album is the most successful at capturing the elements of death metal through a highly original sound, thanks to the introduction of this to the death metal realm, Cryptopsy are one of the few bands labeled as "percussive" death metal. Highly intriguing and unpredictable at all times, yet not harsh on the ear, None So Vile is a perfect example of good death metal altogether.

Guitars flow with consistent variation from atmospheric, utterly nihilistic phrases into chaotic polyrhythmic segments. Scattered, the more abrasive and comprehensible riffing is impressive as Cryptopsy fear not an invitation to fans of catchier projects e.g. Pantera, Metallica… but fill every detail with intricate, beautiful riffage.

More so, execution of technique is highly prominent throughout this work, as Cryptopsy have polished their production in comparison to their seminal Blasphemy Made Flesh with the inclusion of articulate aggressiveness and a diminishing of bass, yet the production perfected to reasonable extent were every instrument is undoubtedly audible.

Virtuosic leads soothe the accompanying chaos, as guitarist Jon Levassuer wallops dexterous solos arranged at the peak of each song assists with the enunciation of the brutality yet egregiously clarified music. Hints of classical influences as some leads incorporate enjoyable neoclassical sections, not coming close to the tediousness of other bands such as Necrophagist when it comes to lead parts.

The nucleus of Levasserus' leads is his profound ability to experiment, yet maintain the sovereignty of individual tracks and maintain the interest of guitar experts and those who know nothing about it altogether. At right hand side of the abrasive guitar composition is the eloquent bass driven by Eric Langois, funk derivatives interleaved throughout this music widening its perception and displaying a show of versatility on the composers' side.

Lord worm could be considered as showcasing vocal talent through the entire record, powerful grunts and incredible screaming abilities reign supreme over the album, perfectly synchronized with the relentlessness of the guitar strumming and palm muting. Highly intelligible lyrical content are inconceivable behind the enunciation of each grunt, so it advisable that one regularly read the lyrics booklet to extract the psychologically disturbing ideologies, anti Christian sentiments and enunciations emanating from Lord Worm.

Unlike a lot of North American death metal, Cryptopsy seem not too interested in political perspective but more or less focus on individualistic matters. Although the lyrics overall create the atmospheric sense that bands like Vader sound, or should I say, feel like, Cryptopsy are intelligent musicians with the obvious intent for destruction.

Drumming isn't standard death metal for most part, Flo Mounier obliterates the ear drum with pounding double bass, snare tactics and pragmatic filling which does good for the music. This man is the creative force behind Cryptopsy hence them being "percussive" death metal. Flos' signature gravity blasts, technical and versatile drum lines perfectly complimenting the guitar/bass duo of Levassuer and Langois. Syncopations and jazzy drum structures are found all over the highly original drumming notion of Mounier as, from an individual perspective, elevates this album to an exceedingly high mountain of intensity.

After assaults such as these, people witness how a musical band can seemingly deconstruct the aspect of music within itself, in order to create something as anarchic yet focused as None So Vile. Despite the later failures of this band after the departure of Lord Worm, Cryptopsys' ability to astound through more than skill is brilliant.