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Your magnificent Crown of Horns inspire! - 99%

Wra1th1s, November 12th, 2008

What an apt album title, for there is indeed none so vile as Cryptopsy. What they accomplished with this album would change the way people play death metal. While copycats and shameless imitators like Brain Drill abound, few could even tap the balance between atonality and brutality as masterfully as Cryptopsy had done. And what is it that makes this album so godly?

1. First and foremost Daniel Greening a.k.a. Lord FUCKIN' Worm! While some people have likened his masterful gurgles to a frat boy after a binge I for one love them. In fact it's so godly the number of syllables aren't even the same. Listen to the first verse of "Crown of Horns," yeah I'm not even sure if he's still sane. He alternates between extraordinarily guttural gurgles with tortured screams and high-pitched ear-raping shrieks (like the one that kicks off "Crown of Horns.") I've yet to find another vocalist as versatile as Lord Worm. The lyrics deserve a special mention as well, the only serious contender for best lyricist in metal is Lord Byron. Lord Worm's insane, macabre, and blasphemous lyrics are easily the most disturbing I've read. The amount of depth he puts into the lyrics is equivalent to the amount of depth Alan Moore puts in a single panel.

2. Jon Levasseur and Steve Thibault, both are songwriters par excellence and Levasseur is one heck of a soloist. Sure it may seem wanky and atonal at first but deep down they are the most beautiful solos in death metal. Even Chuck is given a run for his money in certain spots ("Phobophile" + "Slit Your Guts" = orgasm.) The riffs are insanely fast and devilishly intricate, I've been trying to learn "Phobophile" and "Slit Your Guts" which is nigh impossible given the fretboard wizardry Messrs. Levasseur and Thibault use. I got as far as the pre-verse riff of each song before I gave up.

3. Eric Langlois is one of my favorite bassists and with good reason. His oddly jazz-influenced slaps and pops are jarring but they add a distinct flavor to the songs, not unlike Atheist. He continues pretty much where Fergusson left off though slightly more inventive, like that weird bit (the second bass solo) during "Slit Your Guts" breakdown (no not the homo-erotic -core variety as per Unspoken King, the good one a la Suffocation and the likes,) that part is one of the most awesome bass solos I've ever heard.

4. Last but most certainly not least, Flo Mounier. While the man can't write a song worth shit his drumming is impeccable, the blastbeats in the first 40 seconds of "Crown of Horns" is well worth the $22 I paid for it. His drumming is consistent throughout the entire album and he does not over-wank. I also want to commend his stamina for being able to play effin' fast and effin' complex fills and beats.

5. Oops forgot about the production. Yes, this album is clean borderline sterile even but this doesn't kill the album. In fact, being able to hear every instrument is the main reason why this album is so godly. The tone is absolutely superb and a clear improvement over BMF and the snare sounds heaps better as well. The bass is slightly buried but that's a given because everything is turned up to 11.

Let's not forget the actual songs. Every single one of them is death metal at its best, not a single stinker from "Crown of Horns" to "Orgiastic Disembowelment." Not a single bum note from the opening RAAAAAAWWR to the closing "Go Home and run to MAMA!!!" Personal favorites are the opener "Crown of Horns," "Slit Your Guts" which contains the absolute best breakdown in the history of true metal, "Benedictine Convulsions," "Phobophile," and the closer "Orgiastic Disembowelment." Even the not-so-fast "Lichmistress" kicks ass.

The only reason this doesn't get 100% is because I made a promise that I would only give it to Outworld's Outworld. At any rate this is one album that should not be missed, an absolutely monumental piece of disgusting, morbid, and dark art.

Buy this at any cost!