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Technical death metal that will melt your face - 93%

TheMorticiansFlame, March 17th, 2008

If you are looking for a technical death metal album that is fast, intense and has some of the craziest vocals, then look no more. None so Vile by Cryptopsy is an album that you should most certainly pick up. It is a technical death metal gem, and everybody should give it a quick listen through, it is only about a half hour long anyway.

Technically, this album is astounding. The guitar parts are disjointed and frantic, but coherent and catchy at points. The drums are obviously going to be incredible thanks to the mastery of Flo Mounier, his jazz influenced drumming adds much to the technicality and originality of the songs, which is probably the reason why the drums are mixed so high on the recordings. The guitar solos are also technically impressive. They are fast and very cool to listen to, though ears that are used to hearing pure clarity in guitar solos, will find it distressing. The bass on this album is also another huge tribute to its technical style. The break on "Slit Your Guts" with the bass is some of the best death metal bass playing you will hear. This album keeps Cryptopsy at the top of the death metal skill level, and is challenge to all other technical bands out there.

The vocals on this album can be pretty hard to listen to, but if you like them, you totally like them. The intro to the album's opener, Crown of Horns, has a cool roar and then the sickest speech part you'll ever hear. The album kicks in and you realize just how intense Lord Worm is. His screaming, gutturals, and even the weird noises he makes that sound like vacuum cleaners are absolutely awesome and add originality to this album.

Another thing about this album is that it keeps its momentum going throughout the entire work. Each song is a masterpiece and you do not even feel like skipping over one or letting a song go by without listening. Some of the highlights though are "Crown of Thorns", "Slit Your Guts", "Graves of the Fathers", and "Benedictine Convulsions". That is just to list some of the best, though every single song on this album is fantastic.

Overall, if you enjoy fast-paced technical death metal, then this album is a surefire hit for you. Pick it up and you will not be disappointed.