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Death metal - 100%

Muloc7253, January 17th, 2010

The best death metal album ever recorded? I'd say so.

Sure, Istinto Omicida (by Carnivorous Vagina) is a damn good album and sure does give it a run for it's money, but that album was fantastic due to the overall sound and production and the way it conveyed it's brutality, whereas None So Vile is memorable and dare I say catchy every step of the way. It's strengths come from the impeccable songwriting and mindblowing musicianship that have yet to be matched anywhere in the death metal scene.

It's quite disturbing to hear a band of such great musicians that really know their way around their fretboard (or kit) and have an acute knowledge of how to write fantastic, flowing compositions can make such twisted, deranged and downright disturbing music. The lyrics and vocals say it best - the former being poetic odes of all that is vile and the latter being an inhuman and uniquely grotesque sounding bark with a bizarre pace and range that don't really sound like anything else in death metal. Lord Worm really does but the rest of the scene to shame on this album.

But the other musicians are just as important, if not moreso. The riffset here is incredible, and it's impossible to pick a highlight (okay, Phobophile is sort of like Cryptopsy' Hammer Smashed Face but that's song's simply exceptionally good) as the album is so thoroughly consistant and never drops below high quality for a second. The shredding solos - normally only included as a release of tension, or occasionally to create atmosphere, are actually extremely memorable, on-point and important here, despite still sounding spastic and Kerry King-derived you can tell that every individual note was placed intentionally and the slightest change would change the whole vibe. And the drumming, as anyone who's heard the name Flo Mournier knows, is awe-inspiring. It really does feel like he's racing against the band half the time, and you'd expect him to fall out of time at any moment, but he never does. He really makes the kit come to life - I normally give drum machines a thumbs up as they can sometimes give a good, cold, cruel atmosphere to the dirtiest of dirty, grimey underground death metal demos, but I have to admit there's no way a machine could ever match the aural assault on this album.

And there you have it. Of course, if you're already a death metal fan you no doubt have this album already, but if you're just getting interested in death metal be sure to buy this immediately. If you have to own just one death metal album, make it None So Vile.