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The evelasting testament to Death Metal. - 100%

Link5232, January 21st, 2007

What is there to say about this album that hasn't been said before? Multiple words could be used to describe this album: Timeless. Essential. Masterpiece. Definitive. Sickening. Yes, even sicking falls into this category, because believe it or not, back in 1996 when Cryptopsy released "None So Vile," it was unlike anything else at the time. Now, granted, I didn't listen to metal let alone Cryptopsy in 1996, but I can only imagine what it must have been like being a Death Metal fan in 1996 and popping this album into your CD player for the first time. From the first drum hits and guitar riffs of "Crown Of Horns," it would have been obvious, and still is to this day, that Cryptopsy improved on themselves since "Blasphemy Made Flesh." But then you combine some of the most technical and speedy Death Metal to date with the sickening screams, snarls, growls, and grunts of vocalist Lord Worm, and I'm sure that 1996 was the year Death Metal changed forever.

"None So Vile" is a testament to the Death Metal formula, and the odd thing is is that not many have tried to emulate it. I don't know why. Maybe it might be because of how difficult it would be to emulate an album of this calibur, or maybe some people just don't think "None So Vile" is as classic as it is to some others. I myself have dreamed of the day for another NSV, not necesarily from Cryptopsy themselves, but maybe from a band who gets what other Death Metal bands don't seem to get: Cryptopsy is a massive influence upon Death Metal.

Many factors contribute to the influence Cryptopsy struck upon Death Metal. One of them is absurdly seen from Flo Mounier's maniacal drumming. As far as I'm concerned, two words can sum up this man: Speed Demon. But just because he's speedy doesn't mean he loses any shed of technicality. Myself being a drummer, there are times where even Flo loses me. His rolls can be confusing, his blast beats are sound shattering and defy even the speed of light, and some of his snare to tom to cymbal patterns are down right baffling. How this man became such a great drummer is far beyond my comprehension, but luckily he did, because when it comes to it, Flo is one of the reasons why Cryptopsy is Cryptopsy.

But Flo is not alone in making Cryptopsy. With the duo of Jon Levasseur and Eric Langlois on guitar and bass respectively, Cryptopsy was noted for their technical music playing. Just look at songs like "Slit Your Guts," "Graves Of The Fathers," and "Phobophile" to see how this duo completely tore apart everything that may have been considered a standard for Death Metal at that time. These two remade the standard by bringing shredding guitar and audible, crushing, and technical bass playing into the mix. The playing by these two is a testament to technical playing.

But what truly makes Cryptopsy, and many would agree, is Lord Worm. This man is down right beastly. No true word in the English vernacular could describe what this man brings to Cryptopsy and what he did for Death Metal on "None So Vile." At this point in time, I don't think anyone could have anticipated vocals like this. He is downright in-fucking-human. His screams are vicious, his gutteral growls are putrid, and the longevity at which he can perform and hold these vocals is insane. But not only did Lord Worm bring a sickening unnatural vocal style, he brings forth a style of lyricism that was complex yet somewhat simple. Lord Worm writes lyrics that are poetical descriptions of gore, murder, and insanity. I'll never forget the first time I read the lyrics for "Crown Of Horns" and remember being oddly perplexed but disgusted...

"Capricornus Rex in tenebris
I long to feel the dark caress
Of your cloven hooves;
I seek the loving warmth of your anus
As I place my worshipful
Lips about your teats."

In retrospect, this is the album that many Death Metal enthusiaests should live their lives by. Yet it increases more and more everyday that Cryptopsy never gets the true respect they should have garnered over the years. We may never exactly see another "None So Vile," but we can only hope that Cryptopsy returns to their roots (and they reportedly will come October of this year) and creates another sonic Death Metal assault that lives up to, if not surpases, what "None So Vile" created in 1996.