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i like this - 90%

purerockfury, September 30th, 2003

not many death metal bands release a live album. ignorant people think its just even more noise. Like cannibal corpse, Cryptopsy has perfected the art of recording a live death metal show. Similar to the sound of their albums, Cryptopsy includes their intense live energy which creates some of the best sound around. Recorded in montreal, the bewteen song monologues are spoken in french, which obviously isnt too good for any person who doesnt speak french, but thats not the point. The point is that this album is amazing. any fan of death metal will aprove of this album. Every song is played perfectly and Flo's drum solo is just perfect. I was supprised by the bands choice to close with Slit Your Guts instead of Phobophile, but whatever, both songs are amazing and I cant complain. What would be even more of a treat for the fans is a live DVD.... who knows maybe thats next in their list of things to do.