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Energy, brutality and melody - 95%

noinnocentvictim, December 4th, 2005

This album encapsulates all that is good and desirable about death metal. In three words, it is "Energy, brutality and melody."

The enrgy fueling this release is unbelievable. The speed both in the guitars and drums are amazing. This is NOT something to run to - you'll burn on within the first mile. The speed in the drums is especially fascinating, since it's not a simplistic hi-hat-and-snare combination as seen in most drumming. You'll find complex beats played at amazing tempos.

The brutality gives this CD replayability, since it's brutal and not boring or overly simplistic. The anger is strong in this CD, and hatred is to be found behind every song. The songs are terribly harsh, and each one has an original melody.

Melody is the most fascinating part of this CD. While still maintaining a level of brutality, the melodies play in a fashion that would be absolutely beautiful were it not for the harsh drums and deep, dark, indecipherable (even with the lyrics) growling.

I am absolutely in love with this album, but what really kills it is the track "Orgiastic Disembowelment." Aside from this one track, the CD is utterly brilliant in every way. I highly recommend it, and it is an essential addition to any metalhead's collection.