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Incredible Live Album - 95%

ISadistikI, April 11th, 2007

When one thinks Cryptopsy, one thinks brutality. They think amazing, precise musicianship, and they think sheer, incredible energy. This is not without reason, for these brutal Canadians have given us many albums which prove all these things. After four studio albums, the guys decided to release a live album, very appropriately titled None So Live. At the least, everything Cryptopsy is known for shines brilliantly through this recording.

One of the major points of this album lies in Cryptopsy's new vocalist, Martin Lacroix. This was his first and only recording with Cryptopsy, but he does a hell of a job. Chances are any fan of Lord Worm and/or Mike DiSalvo will like Lacroix's vocals, because they are very much a mix between the two, if not leaning more towards Lord Worm's style. It is indeed much more of a growl than DiSalvo yet not as undecipherable as Lord Worm's, and they have more of a traditional tone to them. We find from the very beginning scream of Crown Of Horns that he can pull off the higher vocals as well. Lacroix adds his own touch to every song by spewing out the lyrics in ways and patterns differently than his predecesors put them in the studio albums. Again, the intro verse to Crown Of Horns comes to mind. Throughout the album Lacroix puts on a stellar performance.

The rest of the band is in full form as well. We have the duo of Jon Levasseur and Alex Auburn on guitars. The pair do amazingly well, if not a tad sloppy at times. I'm pretty sure only one of them did the solos throughout the whole show, and if I had to guess I'd say it was Jon simple because he wrote most of them. Either way both of them play magnificently, and we all know Cryptopsy riffs aren't exactly for an average guitar player. On bass we have Eric Langlois, who is maybe a little less audible than he should be, but you can still hear him. Also Cryptopsy loves to stick random little bass solos in actually alot of songs, and he does all those flawlessly here, although one of them in Slit Your Guts sounded a bit sloppy or different. Either way he played great. And on drums we have none other than Flo Mounier. All I'll tell you is that everything you've heard on the albums is here perfectly done. Need I say more? He even speeds up a section of Phobophile by about tenfold to the point that it sounds like Jon and Alex are having a hard time keeping up with him. Also we have a fantastic drum solo on here that runs at about 4 minutes or so. It's mind blowing to say the least, but it's Flo, so none of us should expect anything less.

The track list is very good. We have songs sprinkled from all over Cryptopsy's discography up to this point. Two from every album, except for None So Vile, which has four songs on here. The song choices were great for each album and the order generally flows well. I thought Slit Your Guts was an odd choice for a closer however, though it does work well and is an awesome song. The production of the album is actually a tad on the weak side for a live recording. Nothing really jumps out, it all sounds somewhat flat. But the music itself is so well done and just exploding with energy that it really doesn't matter and still sounds incredible. Everything is clear at least. And that, given the intricate nature of Cryptopsy's music, just may be more important.

This is anything a Cryptopsy fan could want out of a live album. I've never heard so much sheer energy erupt from a couple of guys on stage as it does here. The brutality and talent that Cryptopsy is known here is here in spades. Sure it may not be a replacement for actually going to a Cryptopsy show, but it's a damn good idea of what you would be in for.