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Oh My - 93%

DeadFetus, June 20th, 2003

Oh my, the death metal behemoth Cryptopsy keeps pillaging ears wherever it goes. This is truly a monster of a live album showcasing everything that makes Cryptopsy a first class death metal group. First of all the new singer, Martin LaCroix, does an admirable job. No he's not Lord Worm, but he can do some of Worm's vocal tricks, and he is a huge improvement on DiSalvo's material. Second of all the track selection is impeccable. Showcasing the best material from Cryptopsy's entire catalogue, each track is an exercise in perfection. Musically tight, some of the tracks are played at almost twice the speed of their studio recordings. The musicianship is simply breathtaking.
Of course the drumming is absolutely phenomenal, to hear a song like "We Bleed" in the live setting and have it sound better than the recorded version just blows my mind. There is no doubt that Flo Mournier is the best drummer in the metal world. Everything the man does is simply incredible. In fact one of the highlights of the album is his seven-minute drum solo. Amazing.

My personal favorite tracks on the album originally come from None So Vile which also happens to be one of my top death metal albums of all time. "Phobophile" and "Slit Your Guts" are relentless, the aural equivalent of a stampeding herd of elephants, reducing everything in its way to dust. Both tracks are faster and even more brutal than their studio counterparts and the live setting creates a great atmosphere.

The bottom line: if you love death metal get this album. One of the best live albums I've heard.

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