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Awesome! - 95%

Daedagor, May 8th, 2003

Cryp - top - sy, Cryp - top - sy.. that's how it starts. Then, some sort of eerie background music sets in, still accompanied by the crowd. But it isn't until after about 2 minutes that the sonic assault begins:

A roar; "I do that rather well, don't you think?" and off starts 'Crown of Horns'. Good choice to start the show!

But I'll cut the crap now and get to the important things: the new vocalist is definitely much better than DiSalvo. He sounds much more like Lord Worm despite having his own style. Must say, his performance is really great.

The songs are chosen well, there isn't anything that deserves to be skipped. Crown of Horns, White Worms, Cold Hate Warm Blood, Phobophile, Graves of the Fathers are probably the best on the disc.

What else is their to say? Well, not only the vocal performance is kicking ass, everything else besides is just as great. Cryptopsy do an awesome job at playing everything, the whole performance is very precise which actually makes you kind of wonder how much mixing they did in the studio afterwards. In any case, it does sound 'live' but professional as fuck!

Inbetween the songs, Lacroix is talking to the audience in vulgar French. Unfortunately, my knowledge of that language doesn't suffice to understand anything, d'oh.
But besides, there's always this kind of eerie background music that creates real tension between the tracks so that all the high pace songs come out even stronger and more extreme.

Ok, and then there's the drum solo. Fuck, I don't believe this guy! Even if you're against solos and that kind of stuff which many bands do on stage, you just have to listen to this and possibly look into a mirror at the same time so you can see your jaw drop down. It's completely fucked up.. but that's how I love it.

So, you never heard of Crypotpsy before but want to give it a shot? Get this! It's a good live disc (Which is pretty rare, most live CDs suck) and it contains loads of creativity, a collection of awesome songs and the coolest drummer of the whole fucking universe!
You like Cryptopsy? Why are you still reading this?! Buy the goddamn CD!

Can't wait to get to a show myself..