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Let’s forget about ‘TUK’ for a moment, shall we... - 95%

metalguy69, September 14th, 2012

I’ll make this short and sweet. If ‘The Unspoken King’ had never existed, and this would have been the next release following ‘Once Was Not’, I would say that replacement Matt McGachy is actually a damn good vocalist. Here, Mr. McGachy has a low but throaty growl that sounds much clearer and sharper than that of Lord Worm, whose vocals were often unintelligible and buried in the mix. He is also more appropriate than Mike DiSalvo who had a hard-core shouted delivery that was at times a bit hard to stomach.

Now with regard to the music itself. Without a track-by-track analysis, and looking more at the big picture, this is pretty well exactly what Cryptopsy was all about in their early classic period. This latest album can be seen as more of a logical progression had it directly followed ‘Once Was Not’. Drummer Flo Mounier essentially sounds like the same beast behind the kit that he has always been, as most Cryptopsy fans appreciate. The return of technical guitar genius Jon Levasseur, which is definitely a good move, has simply resulted in everything pretty well falling into place in typical Cryptopsy fashion. The guitar tone and frenzied technical fretboard acrobatics are in the right place. Even the odd brief jazzy bass solo or weird break here and there just add to the intrigue and make the overall sonic experience that much more enjoyable.

I have to agree that most of the song titles sound somewhat unusual and I can imagine some people scratching their heads oven them, but if the music behind them has some real bite, then that’s all inconsequential. However, I cannot agree with some reviewers who regard the albums cover artwork as lousy. Rather I think it comes across as quite attractive with it’s inclusion of the classic logo along with that ultra cool ‘flying demon' figure originally seen on the artwork of ‘Whisper Supremacy’.

To be honest, I have to admit that I never bothered to purchase or even really listen to ‘The Unspoken King’ to begin with. I have heard bits and pieces though, but not enough to form any direct opinion on it. I guess if 90% of all the reviews I’ve read on it (whether from Metal Archives or elsewhere) were essentially crappy from a statistical point of view, then I can assume the album must have sucked some pretty big ones. I generally despise music associated with the ‘metalcore’, ‘deathcore’ or any other ‘core’ trends. I may still decide to check that one out in more detail just for curiosity, but judging from the sounds that have graced my ears from this latest offering, I can happily place Cryptopsy’s newest self-titled release right up there next to all the other Cryptopsy releases that I proudly own.