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Blame your Mother you weren't Born Headless - 94%

grain_silo, July 24th, 2011

“Blasphemy Made Flesh” is the essential Cryptopsy album. It is Cryptopsy in their most brutal and raw form. To me, their first two albums are pretty amazing. The all around insanity that surrounds the first two albums is hard to even imagine.

I would start by saying this album seems to be brutal, technical death metal. Not 100% sure what to call it but whatever it is, it rules. Now this album has what every death metal fan could want. The speed is there, plenty of blast beats and thrash, the riffs are heavy, the bass is loud, and the vocals are extremely guttural. If you want extremely heavy, “Mutant Christ” is insanely heavy. The amazing guitar part in “Abigor” really shows how talented the guitarists are. The bass player does some pretty unique things for death metal, by doing some slap bass parts. The drummer is one of the best drummers ever. His double bass is extremely fast and his fills are insane.

The production could be better. The guitars are kind of fuzzy in the background and don’t really stick out that much. Really, other than that, it’s pretty spot on. The bass is loud in the mix the whole time. You can hear the bass the entire time and it really sounds awesome. I just wish the guitar was a little clearer in the mix but it’s not too big of a deal.

The songs themselves are just awesome; my favorite being “Open Face Surgery”. It has one of the greatest screams ever, clocking in at around 27 seconds long. Lord Worm was truly a genius when it came to his unique style of singing. You can’t really understand a single word he says but yet it seems OK because he’s Lord Worm. The lyrics are gory but poetic at the same time. I’m pretty sure the lyrics are actually just gory poems. They consist of anti-religious themes and like I said earlier, gore. Not just guts though, gore lyrics that make you think is how I would describe them.

This album is extraordinary and is, in my opinion, their best work yet. If their newly acquired deathcore look has kept you away from their early works, you’re missing out.

Best tracks – “Open Face Surgery”, “Mutant Christ”, “Abigor”, and “Pathological Frolic”