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Wra1th1s, November 11th, 2008

You'll be hearing a lot of that in this album. Sometimes I think that Lord Worm doesn't actually say anything and he probably writes the lyrics as a joke. I mean listen to the main verse of "Abigor," I'm pretty sure "WARAWARWAW" isn't a word. But hey, that's what I like about Lord Worm and he does recite his disturbing poetry.

Anyways, this is where the Canadian tech-brutal DM giant got their start. While it's nowhere near as fast as None So Vile or as technical as Once Was Not it's still a fantastic DM album. Flo's drumming is more controlled than his later efforts, Levasseur's soloing has more melody than his later outings (particularly NSV,) Thibault writes damn solid riffs and he plays perfectly with Levasseur, Martin's bass is just as wacky and innovative as Langlois', and the cacodaemon incarnate known as Lord Worm is gurgling away at the microphone yet somehow he's more intelligible than his penultimate performance in None So Vile.

The songs are fantastic, too bad Flo and pals can't write anything of this caliber without Levasseur or Thibault. Kicking off with the fantastic, albeit solo-less, "Defenestration" you know that Cryptopsy means business. Man listen to that opening bass run, then the break riff with Flo's godly drumming. Gods of the Earth! Now that is how you make death metal, plus the bridge riff makes it all the more awesome. "Open Face Surgery" is a firm personal favorite because of the insane 27 second scream from Lord Worm, and you thought Jim Gillette was awesome.

Honestly there's only one or two clunkers,"Serial Messiah" isn't really solid and "Swine of the Cross" is just typical DM. The rest range from good to great, "Gravaged" and "Pathological Frolic" are completely awesome. The latter has darkly humorous lyrics about a dead guy, Geoffrey, who died from auto-erotic asphyxiation.

The production is fantastic, the drums don't overpower everything else, the bass is clear as day, Lord Worm is also mixed just right not too loud like in NSV or too buried in Once Was Not. However the guitars kinda suffer a bit, they're not particularly clear or audible and the tone sucks compared to NSV or even their DiSalvo years.

So why don't I give it a 90+ seeing as how I enjoy this album so much? Well the songwriting doesn't really suit Cryptopsy's style, it doesn't bumrush me and violently sodomize me as NSV did, personally it just isn't up to par. It's still a terrific album though, give it a listen and you'll be hooked.

Buy it.