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Close your eyes... This might hurt a lot. - 75%

Shovel, March 25th, 2004

Cryptopsy's full length debut is definitely one of the best death metal albums to come out of Canada. Blasphemy Made Flesh marked the arrival of something big onto the death metal palette.

The first thing one notices while listen to the record is the unique mix. The bass is unusually high for a death metal record, and the drums sound sort of under-focused. Lord Worm's vocals are the stand out feature, though. These vocals can't even be compared to anything else. Lord Worm grunts and shreaks like none other, usually not even pronouncing the lyrics, just making sounds that are similar to the lyrics. Like the lyrics "reach, little one, reach!" (from defenestration) sound like "reugh, lulll un, reugh!". Oh yeah, you think you know powerful vocals? Listen to the 25 second scream at the end of Open Face Surgery. That, my friends, is power. Frank Mullen can't do that. Dave Vincent sure as hell can't. Chuck Schuldiner couldn't. Only the Worm.

Aside from the unique sound and the stand out vocals, this album put thrash metal back in the death metal mix, much like Scream Bloody Gore and Seven Churches did. Just listen to the riffs in Abigor (as well as many other song). Total fucking thrash. The guitar work is excellent, and definitely puts Cryptopsy above a hell of a lot of other bands. The solo in Open Face Surgery is quite melodic, and adds a short little break from the ear-fucking that ensues.

The best song on the record, by far, is Gravaged (A Cryptopsy). Besides having a killer name (hehe, gravaged, sounds like a act of rape), the song has a killer buzzing opening riff. There is a great little break about 1:00 into the song that reminds me of early Cannibal Corpse, in the fact that it makes you want to headbang like you have a case of Pyrus-itus.

Anyone who is a fan of NYDM should like this album. Hell, anyone who likes extreme metal, period, should like this album. Lord Worm owns you.