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Not So Vile, But Still Very Vile - 95%

Misanthrophagist, February 20th, 2008

There is a monster within the dark confines of the technical death metal that emanates with everything that is perfectly not right in this world. That monster is Cryptopsy. Blasphemy Made Flesh (BMF) shows us an embryonic Cryptopsy that is inexperienced at killing, yet still an able killer, and one that frequently rears its head into its maturity that we call None So Vile (NSV).

As always old-school Cryptopsy is the epitome of tech death. Flo Mounier, the Jesus of the drum kit, even all those years ago is thunderstorm. The guitar work I find possibly even more interesting than that of NSV. There is a great deal of melody that is not present on their later releases. It’s very fresh and is a darkly elegant compliment to the chaotic atmosphere. Like NSV, BMF is heavy in bass lines, however they are lacking in comparison to that of the former.

Now as every review of this album before me has stated, Lord Worm is unrivaled in his vocals. As I'm irritatingly drawing comparisons to NSV, I will state that I prefer his performance on BMF over NSV. They're deeper, more carnivorous, and just sheer sonic antagonism. The scream at the end of "Open Face Surgery", as stated by many, is one of the crowning achievements of extreme metal. Lord Worm, through those 28 seconds of terror, showed us that god is not here and that the devil was coming.

The one qualm I have with BMF is the production. I find it very irking that I have to turn up the volume to an otherwise unneeded level to truly appreciate this masterpiece. It’s a minor flaw, but it’s noticeable.

What can I say about Lord Worm's poetically graphic and passionate lyrics? After reading "Pathological Frolic", I feel a tad bit of remorse for Geoffrey.