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Just relax..this may hurt a lot - 97%

Carmack, September 8th, 2003

From the first few bassy seconds of "Defenestration" you know this record is going to kill. Flo Mounier begins his devastating attack on the drum kit at a mind numbing speed. Every few minute you hear a nice break with bass lines charging through. Now lets get to Mr. Dan Greening aka Lord Worm. With his garbled growls like no other he's truely is the ultimate growler. His stamina is shown on "Open Face Surgery" with an incredible 30 second scream, no studio editing here just talent. Now let's get to the production. Anyone that's a fan of older death/grind or black metal knows that production isn't a big factor in music. This is a perfect example. Who wants a bland, flat and all around boring production job? This album combines just the right amount of each element with a little character. But if you're a real stickler for production pick up Cryptopsy's new album "None So Vile". All and all this is the best release Cryptopsy's has put out. If you're a fan of older brutal death metal this is an essential release.