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Raw and Violent as Fuck! - 78%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 15th, 2008

I’m not a big crossover fan but I don’t dislike it especially when it’s violent as fuck, mixed with thrash metal and this is the case of Cryptic Slaughter. This band is too overlooked, compared to other groups like D.R.I. and so on. Their style is far more aggressive and brutal than the one by other groups in this field, with a plenty of thrash metal influences.

“Set Your Own Peace” reminds me the best S.O.D. for the raw up tempo and quite immediate mid paced, thrash riffs. The vocals are more punkish with screams and child tones. Well, actually there’s not a lot to say…this is a really violent piece of crossover/thrash. “Could Be Worse” is remarkable for the great stop and go and the out of the blue mid paced parts to break a bit the impact.

The drum work is very energetic, but surely not technical at all. The parts in up tempo are a sort of bass drum-snare drum hyper speed stomps. The production is quite good and raw but powerful enough for a band like this. The guitars distortion is not so metal because it’s not so powerful and electric but more raw and punk. The bass work is always quite good and it can be seen as something that stands out of the songs giving a more pulsating touch.

The guitars parts on “Freedom Of Expression” are hilarious, with a simple but nice solo. As usual the lyrics are about society and injustices and often you can hear some “Fuck You !!” or “Bullshits!!”…eh, quite funny. “Too Much, Too Little” is fucking brutal with semi blast beats, screamed, punk vocals and it’s a really mess with senseless solos too.

All in all, this is not for anyone but it's a quite good, influential, hyper violent crossover/thrash. A big influence for the first grind bands in those years.