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Cryptic Brood > Outcome of Obnoxious Science > 2023, CD, War Anthem Records > Reviews > spookymicha666
Cryptic Brood - Outcome of Obnoxious Science

Dissected Cow Eyes - 85%

spookymicha666, February 11th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2023, CD, War Anthem Records

Are you ready for some foul, stinking death metal without any compromises or ambitions to please the listener? Yes? Okay, then you maybe should pick up the re-release of Cryptic Broods sophomore album “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science”.

I guess that the album cover describes in a very vivid way what is going to come towards the listener: musick which appears to be sulphurous, sick and devastating and that tells tales of nightmares and decay.

The Germans don´t really make a secret who are their major influences. The faster riffs like in the opener “Biting Through Flesh” or the title track are highly inspired by the almighty Autopsy (catchy, sometimes blues-laden guitar work) and when they reduce their tempo, you might get the feeling that they have listened pretty much to underground stuff like Undergang or Anatomia (“Ferocious Torment”). The drums are pretty thunderous and I wouldn´t wonder if Steffen Brandes has hidden some skulls in his drum kit to play on. Just for the putrefaction sound, of course and the bass is tuned very low and keeps buzzing like a permanent sawing bone saw.

Sometimes Crypic Brood goes even more dissonant ways (like in “Coated With Human Skin”) which stresses out that terrifying morbid atmosphere on the whole album even more. But these parts are just slight nuances that doesn´t last too long so that despite of all the chaotic structures that are to find on the album, the whole thing still keeps comprehendible though (or I have become a maniac already).

The vocals which are contributed from all three guys in the band sound like a lunatic gang is going on a killer trip with no return. Menacing high-pitched screams go hand in hand with guttural deep grunts and some more Gollum-like parts that spread a very morbid and insane atmosphere. I don´t know which devil has ridden the guys during their vocal recording process, maybe they have done some self-flagellation or played the Hellraiser dice too often so that this hellish result came out – I would say that this is one of the sickest vocal performances in death metal ever and pretty hard to bear when you have some mainstream death metal pampered ears. In this case it might happen that your ears will bleed or your stereo runs away from you. For all other real underground death metal maniacs this might be a very delicious festered-decayed album that is a pleasure to listen to.

I guess “Outcome Of Obnoxious Science” is a very disgusting lesson in science but also quite unforgettable, like my biology lesson back about thirty years ago where we had to dissect some cow eyes on plates that were already used the lesson before. I still remember the stench. If the album would smell like something than it would be this – for sure!