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Gothic-doom in the vein of My Dying Bride - 72%

Egregius, February 27th, 2004

I was going to mention how the music reminded me of My Dying Bride in some respects, especially the violin-parts and their sound, which are so typical of MDB; then I noticed the violinist is in fact from MDB.

The music as a whole can indeed be typified as gothic-doom in the vein of My Dying Bride: very slow doom, with subtle keyboards, a prominent role for the weeping (almost whiny) violins, sludgy, not the over-symphonic theatrics of gothic-doom's bastard cousin gothic metal, but still slightly over-dramatic, almost slimy, tortured and moany clean vocals.

The music is extremely slow, minimalistic, and only on tracks 6 and 7, 'I Bleed' and 'Last Embrace', do they pick up the pace a bit (and on the latter only for a tiny while). Sorrowfull, mournfull, almost-over-the-top melancholic drama typifies both vocals, songtitles, and the music. It's a bit too much for myself ('Naked She Lay On The Virgin Snow' is a bit too much songtitle-cliche's for me), but I can apreciate the effort on the whole. Just not my cup of tea, as I'm also not much of a fan of My Dying Bride. Perhaps more for you?