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Dissapointing album, I must say - 60%

dismember_marcin, November 20th, 2010

I guess “World of Myths” could be considered as one of the most underestimated albums that were done in the early 90’s in Sweden. Myself I’ve first got this album and heard about Crypt of Kerberos in the beginning of the 00’s; so rather late, but one can say better late than never. But honestly, my mind was more obsessed by such Swedish acts like Dismember, Hypocrisy, Necrophobic, The Conorous Circle, Sacramentum – so, bands that were still releasing killer albums - than something I’ve never heard of before and what split up years ago. But of course it’s always great to find out about new bands, especially if they come from your favourite scene.

But to be honest I wasn’t much convinced by “World of Myths” then and also today I think this is rather average album. To put it simply, it just doesn’t bring what I like about this genre and Sweden most. To me it’s just not brutal enough! And nowadays, when I also know all demos and EPs from Crypt of Kerberos I can say that I prefer elder recordings much more than this CD.

What I can hear here is that these guys (and a female keyboard player) tried to put out something more progressive, epic and technically advanced; definitely less death metal oriented from what they used to do before. I’m not saying that to try to be original and different than everybody else was wrong – especially that at the time everyone was just complaining that each Swedish band sounds the same and plays the same riff – but nowadays I'd rather listen to great Dismember clone than atmospheric / quasi proggy band like Crypt on this album.

Not everything on “World of Myths” is that bad. My favourite songs definitely are “Cyclone of Insanity” and “The Ancient War”, so tunes that Crypt of Kerberos released on 7”EP year earlier. These new versions are definitely more advanced, with some extra ideas and elements, like acoustic guitar in the former song and more structured, better played guitar leads. “Cyclone…” turned out to be really great song and even if I like the EP version better, this song definitely belongs to the most aggressive and most catchy at the same time, with some cool riffs and great growling from Christian Eriksson and really nice calmer fragment in the middle of the composition.

“Stormbringer” is also a song worth to mention, as it’s quite aggressive, but tempo is rather slow at the start – and then Crypt of Kerberos turns to be really heavy – and then it nicely develops into other parts. I only have a feeling like the band didn’t have a clue how to finish this song, as it ends quite abruptly. “Nocturnal Grasp” may also surprise you, as this track is completely different from majority of the material on “World of Myths”; much more straight forward, very classic death metal in early Necrophobic style with simple riffing and almost without any trace of melody that is present in other songs. If you compare it to “The Canticle” for instance you may have a feeling of listening to completely different band / record.

As for “The Canticle” – this is one of the songs I really don’t like. It’s too melodic, with some clean vocals here and there, with quite weird riffing… It’s just very un-death metal, if you know what I mean, in some parts reminding me of Therion in the “Symphony Masses” era. “Dream…” with its rock / progressive beginning and other shit that’s going on in this song or the instrumental “The Sleeping God” is another part of the album I dislike totally! Sorry, I understand that Crypt of Kerberos tried to be different, etc, but this type of riffing and keyboard parts just don’t convince me completely! Sure, I can see that the technique of each member is quite impressive; I like the drumming quite much, I also like the vocals but in total it’s just not what I like to listen to.

So yeah, in total we have an album, which isn’t a complete disaster, as it has some cool songs to offer, but as overall I just don’t like the atmosphere of it and too many parts here simply annoy me. As I said earlier, this music needs more aggression, more stuff that will punch you in the face, rather than impress with technical, melodic playing. Also the front cover is just plain shit, but who cares… I keep this CD in my collection anyway, as it’s part of the history of the Swedish death metal scene. And with three-four cool songs it’s not a complete waste of time, luckily.