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Cult Classic! - 90%

Argento, September 1st, 2004

I bought this album a couple of years after it came out, and I was stunned by what I heard!

This band is one of the most original bands I have heard in the Death Metal genre. They sound like a unique blend of Yngwie Malmsteen (brilliant guitar work by these two young guitar players Jonas Strandell and Peter Pettersson!) and King Diamond, Faith No More and Morbid Angel and they really pull it off in a superb way!

The band was very early using so strong melodies and not too many bands had used keyboards or melodic male vocals before Crypt Of Kerberos.

The drummer stands out as a painter of the music. Not only your average "wall of double bass drums" thing. There are cool breaks with some advanced cymbal playing that stands out quite alot. The orchestration of the drum parts are sometimes mind-blowing! Check out especially the songs Dream... and World of Myths.

I was very sad when the band broke up in 1995! I was one of few people who heard the pre-production recordings for the second album (they had actually finished most of the songs for it!) and it was with Daniel Gildenlöw on vocals (he is the singer/guitarist of Pain of Salvation) and with Johan Hallgren (also in Pain of Salvation) on the second guitar. That was some amazing stuff, very melodic and experimental! Sounded quite different from World of Myths but still with that very unique Crypt Of Kerberos sound!

Anatomy Bleed Records (Australia) are releasing a compilation CD with some of this material in the near future which I am dying to hear, bring it on!