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Cryfemal - Eterna oscuridad

Cryfemal - Eterna oscuridad - 79%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 7th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Immortal Frost Productions (Limited edition)

From the soft and gentle dream-like music of Astral Winter I turned to something completely different. Cryfemal is a pretty long running black metal project hailing from Spain. It seems that it is more or less driven by one person named Ebola who is doing everything by himself. In 2020 he brought in a drummer to help out on full length number eight titled “Eterna oscuridad”. I am not familiar with the older stuff of the band so I cannot talk about any developments.

The first set of tracks like “Capilla Ardiente”, “Necra Exequia” and “Insepultro” are spit at you in such a dirty, filthy way that you immediately have your attention. Ebola's screams, the simple riffs, the driving yet simple drums often at breakneck speed, the lack of too much melody, it seems as if Cryfemal has gone through little evolution and resolutely opts for the classic recipe complete with vacuum cleaner production. So you get what you expect: raw, old-school black metal. Fans of more sophisticated stuff looking for something innovative or progressive in any sense might stop reading and walk on to something else. Everyone who looks for a good dose of filthy black metal done in the dirtiest way possible should take notice, as while the aggression level is kept high over the whole playing time Ebola has few surprises in his sleeves.

“El Retorno” is the first song where the throttle is taken back a bit and so it starts mid-tempo. A bit in a cadence that you also hear with a band like Taake or the better Norwegian work for example. This 'calm' does not last long because after a few bars the speed is quickly increased again. In its dynamics, I think this is the best song as it brings a nice groove into the mix. “Reencarnación” also delivers the same feeling. Otherwise, little new happens on the remainder of the record and the tracks are too similar to separate the wheat from the chaff. Only in “Crematorio” do I hear another buttery melodic riff come through. Too bad it is then broken up by an overly sharp solo. “Eternidad” also seems just a little different in its first bars, which then makes sense, as a more instrumental, epic finale.

This album is mainly for fans of dingy, grimy underground black metal. Those who want it all clean and neat should not turn to this infernal duo. If there is one critic to be made it might be the interchangeability of the songs. There is too little variation and while there are some interesting details in the songs mentioned above there is not much break from the permanent onslaught. The production is pretty much spot on with especially the buzzing guitar sound bringing some additional grit. Overall a nice although not overly outstanding slab of old school madness.