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Crucifire Moon > Dotyk ciemności > Reviews > TheBlackLegions
Crucifire Moon - Dotyk ciemności

Entrancing, modern metal with a classic sound - 85%

TheBlackLegions, September 16th, 2004

Though generally a skeptic of most modern black metal, hearing Crucifire Moon for the first time was a reminder that there are exceptions to every rule. The first few tracks, particularly Jaruth and Neithan are reminiscent of Carpathian Forest's Black Shining Leather, blending very distinct vocals with music that is just a bit too technical and overpowering to have a raw feeling, but is impressive nonetheless. There is also a chaotic feel to the overall flow of many tracks, as the instrumental portions alternate from relatively slow to very fast, creating a nice effect. The sound quality is also exceptional, especially considering that this is a demo coming from an unsigned band. My main problem with this album is that there are a few musical segments, usually drums, which seem very out of place and disrupt the otherwise continuous sound. This is most evident in the track Zlo Pólnocy which begins with a very strange, drum-machine sounding (though I don't believe it actually is, all band photos on the official site show real drums) intro, but is otherwise good.

Overall, the band has not really broken new ground in the realm of black metal, however one must keep in mind that this is only a demo, and compared to the vast majority of modern metal, there is considerable talent here which will hopefully develop further if the band continues to release.