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Cruciamentum - Paradise Envenomed - 80%

ElitheProphet, December 11th, 2017

Cruciamentum has been putting out some consistent, quality death metal for just about the last 10 years. Hailing from the UK, their latest release is a single unleashed by the Profound Lore label on a 7".

The record consists of 2 tracks, one of which is a surprisingly faithful Absu cover. The EP features pounding death metal interspersed with slower, atmospheric sections as well as occasional soaring solos. There is surprising variation in vocal style, including the traditional deep growl as well as the harsh rasping reminiscent of "for Victory"-era Bolt Thrower. The instrumentation is tight and production values are clean; the sound and feel is very similar to bands such as Dead Congregation and Incantation. There is not much else one can say, given how short it is (clocking in at just over 11 minutes) and the fact the music wears its influences on its sleeve.

Overall, this is a satisfying single; its main weakness is that it breaks no new ground and does not have a lot to set itself apart from its contemporaries. I would contend, however, that this is not this release's intention; the band plays what it likes and likes what it plays, which shows in the quality of the music.