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This album is great! - 90%

Shadow0fDeath, July 8th, 2004

I heard mp3's from Cruachan recently and got hooked, so i checked out this album. The middle kingdom features celtic/folk type metal which is a great combination, especially when done as well as they had done on this release! I heard previously Cruachan had done black metal. Mainly noted on their first release. Though i could be wrong. I have not heard that release. If you're a fan of that album this will be a very huge twist for you.

In a very well done way Cruachan display the traditional celtic folk sound with the very often use of flute. I've heard some celtic folk and that flute sound reminds me of such. also the really cool acoustic sound, both this and the flute seem to dominate the sound of this cruachan vocals. Another thing that stands out is the female vocals, very powerful, remind me a lot of what i've heard from seraphim. Sometimes these are interrupted by the male vocalist who i do not like as much from this record and takes points from this album.

A lot of the songs are instrumentals, and usually it sounds pretty different so you won't have to expect and generic bullshit, especially this album.

Also this album has it's more heavy parts and more growled vocals so don't pass it off as soft bullshit. It does have it's more metal moments. Much like i'd hear from elvenking, especially the song "To Hell or to connaught" from Cruachan, a song where i find the male vocals to be more tollerable than on the other songs where they can be heard. Luckily they are smart enough to keep the male vocals to a minimum.

Overall the album is a very well put together album and another great band which combines celtic folk and metal elements together, which i've always seen as a fucking great mix together, and very creative. I really recommend people to check out this cruachan album.