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Promising debut - 80%

kimiwind, March 13th, 2010

Crowned with black is a Finnish band from Jyväskylä. Their first output was in form of a maxi-single containing merely 2 songs and averaging 5 min each. Though, these guys aren’t new to the stage. Most of the members are active in their bands, and notably this project derives from the uterus of the dark gothic metal band Dark the Suns, However, as I have listened to their material before, I would say the sound is almost the same. This stuff can be described as kind of a mixture of gothic, dark and black metal, featuring strong keyboards presence.

The production of this release is good though, for a self financed piece of art, outstandingly kind of prominent job was done here. The mix is high enough to make this clear for the ear, and the instruments are easily to distinguish. This factor truly gives a strong desire to listen apart of the music itself whatever is good or bad.

Now instrumentally, this Ep is very promising. The vocals are very good; featuring great deep growls spread some depressing impressions. For the ones who are familiar with Dark the Suns will understand what i intend to mean here. Mikko kept the same pace with his new band, and I liked it merely because he has a unique awesome tone. Somehow, the guitars are quite disappointing. They are barely heard, and therefore they added a minimal thatch, however, they are unlike the bass role, as it looks very effective in both songs. The drums here range between quite slow drumming to mid paced, there are some interesting patterns to be heard and it’s enjoyable to hear them through. Interested enough? But not yet to feel the most standout instrument in this release. Alright, the keyboards deliver dark bitter cold atmosphere, so grim and powerful. They fit perfectly with the vocals. They provide sad and depressive substance to the sound and I liked it by the way, it just leaves you focused with the music and nothing else. However, the last minute of the song Silent Ground is great example of what I’m talking about here.

In conclusion, the first effort of crowned with black is looking so good. It’s indeed very good start unleashing a very promising demo. Hence I’m so impatient to hear their first full length which is set to be released later in this year hopefully. Well, I hope they can progress and release something efficient and worthwhile as this promoted. We shall see. The Dragon Age is highly recommended for fans of dark gothic metal and melodic extreme metal in general. Try to get your copy regardless how short this Ep is. I’m sure you won’t regret the money you’re going to spend out of it.

Written for Encyclopaedia Metallum 13-03-2010
© Kimiwind</b