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Doom-Core - 95%

MLTC, September 29th, 2006

So I guess this is where Crowbar finally finds their niche. While Obedience Thru Suffering was just oppressively bleak with all sludge and no real variation, and the S/T improved upon their sound by varying the sludgy tempos (along with an amazing cover of Zep's No Quarter), Time Heals Nothing is one of Crowbar's best releases and where the band finally develops their self dubbed "doom-core" sound. Hardcore influences can be found here, but there's also a good bit of terribly HEAVY sludge. I believe Through A Wall of Tears to be one of the darkest songs ever written. However, unlike the last two albums, Time Heals Nothing breaks up the heavy sludge with some fast and energetic hardcore. The styles seem to meld perfectly on this album. Part of this perfect delivery can be attributed to Craig Nunenmacher, who delivers everything that each song calls for on this album in flawless form. It's a shame this would be his last album with Crowbar until 2005's Lifesblood.

Bottom line, this is one of Crowbar's defining albums, next to greats such as Odd Fellows Rest. Respect the gods of sludge.