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Quicksand Blood & Testosterone - 95%

tyrant, April 5th, 2004

First I wanna talk about Kirk, 10 years go by and his voice is still beautifully up to par. It's funny to listen to death metal vocalists sing and then in interviews they sound like Mike Tyson. Not Kirk tough, I've met and talked to him before a Down concert. His voice is deep and raspy. When he sings, it's naturally burtal and not forced at all (unlike most metal)

Sonic Excess is the sound of life's painful mind trip. Instead of getting pissed off and playing some really fast, mindless bullshit. Crowbar slows down, puts thought and feeling into the music. Which builds for some pretty sick intensity once you get into it.

They pick up speed in Awakening, Failure to delay Gratifacation, and an awesome break down on Thru The Ashes. Maybe since I am a fan of Crowbar I was thinking something different or branch out more. It was a real treat to hear the instrumental of Times of Sorrow. There's good melodies through out the entire cd. It seems everytime the line up changes they still manage to keep the same orah about them.

The drumming is really tight and clean while everything else is distorted and dirty. Crowbar's music hasn't changed much but with each new cd, they get more skilled and comfortable in their sound. Sonic Excess in its Purest Form is 11 songs of Quicksand mixed with blood and testosterone.