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Crowbar is NOLA - 99%

shagnarokvonlustmord, December 8th, 2008

'Crowbar' are the definitive sludgy/doom band of the modern era. This being their 7th album in 10 years shows they are hard working and persistent in their campaign to bless their listeners with tales of life struggles, loss and hard-goings. I have always dubbed 'Crowbar' the working mans metal due to the equation between the average man and the never ending woes in his or her lives.

'Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form' carries on the path of what 'Crowbar' have always been known for. The NOLA sound has a distinction from other forms of doom metal in that it is heavy,down-tuned and extremely thick and slow. Kirk's vocals are harsh and full-forced with every bit of fortitude that his voice can muster. What is interesting to note is that when he is singing it is his natural voice that is highlighted due to the way he talks with a rasp and deep tone.

'The Everlasting Dose' is 'Crowbar's' signature song on the album. It comprises all the best attributes of the album and the bands harmony as a ever perfect flow from song to song. 'To Build A Mountain' is another good example of this. 'Sammy's' guitar work as always is a standout (along with Kirk's) whether it was in 'Acid Bath' or in 'Goatwhore', he is guaranteed to be at his best. The bass and overall drum sound is synchronized flawlessly and makes every song appreciable for its content and musicianship.

The opening to 'Suffering Brings Wisdom' is one of the coolest instrument parts to any song I have ever heard, quite frankly it is the most catchy on the album. 'Crowbar' is one of the most diverse bands out there today and have always been a crowd pleaser. While this may not be 'Crowbars' best album it is definitely top 3. The listener should appreciate the driving force that is the backbone to every 'Crowbar' release and therefore enjoy every song.