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Into the Generic Nocturnal Forest - 43%

Hircine, July 21st, 2008

I'll admit not knowing much about Crimson Moon, and the only reason I own this demo is because I got it free off their website, and, being a cheapskate bastard, I couldn't resist.
When this demo was made, the band was simply a two piece, featuring
Scorpios who plays bass, synths and handles vocals, while the other half of the band, Overlord, plays guitar and also does synths. Hmm, the lack of drums certainly doesn't bode well...

To be fair, though the guitar is a generic fuzz for most of the demo, occasionally, Overlord goes into a Dunkleheit-esque moments of quiet, before receding back into the fuzz that plagues black metal bands such as Crimson Moon.
However, the vocals here are actually quite good, with Scorpios sounding somewhere between Attllia and Abbath, and prove to be a surprising up-point for this generally boring demo. Not quite enough to save it however, from the cheap drum machine, or the dated synths.

And now, onto the bad points. Whenever the synths kick in, they tend to be a dated and cheesy 'church organ' or some kind of moody ambient drivel. Though I have heard worse, these synths are simply appalling, and if I dare repeat myself, generic.
As any self-respecting generic black metal band without a drummer would do, Crimson Moon bring in the generic black metal drum machine (TM), and the strange thing is, they actually seem proud of their cheap machine, and instead of trying to make it sound half real, generic blastbeat after generic blastbeat follows throughout the demos three actual tracks, due to the first being a generic synth intro, and the last being the obligatory obscure movie reference. Another annoying thing about these drums, is that they seem to start every song with a hit on the hi-hat, before launching into the generic blastbeats. If Crimson Moon were aiming for any stretch of atmosphere on this demo, this is surprisingly infuriating, and other reason why this demo only gets 43%.

All in all, this demo is generic, clich├ęd, and sometimes downright boring. As I mentioned before, this demo is free off the bands website, and the only way I'd think that you'd want to buy it at all, is if you were a die-hard Crimson Moon fan (if such a thing exists), or if you have a penchant for collecting black metal demos. But to the rest of the world, I recommend that you avoid this, and simply buy Filosofem or Pure Holocaust or something.