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A quick and fun release - 87%

orionmetalhead, November 30th, 2006

I was handed this at some random show. I saw the name Terrance Hobbs on it and immediately knew that there would be some kind of incredible music on it. This three song teaser was released to me last year at a Decapitated, Cryptopsy show. Simply put this is basic Death Metal however by people who actually know how to create Death Metal. Dual vocals are present and give the songs an agrier, "me" vs "you" feel.

The first song Sickening Gore is a fast number just over a minute and a half. It basically consists of two riffs and not a whole lot of the technicality you would expect from musicians of this caliber. That doesnt bother me however as this seems to be six guys playing for fun. Sickening Gore has a punk mentality with its simplified riffs and quick pace.

Second song Criminally Contaminated is (slightly) more technical and for a three minute song has, what I could call, a more melodic, possibly epic, feeling through the first verse. This degenerates into an angry chorus including both Vince Matthews and Chris Yuastella on vocals once again. This leads into an instrumental section once more incorporating more melody.

Third song, 1000 nightmares is a harkening to the glory days of grind. This thirty second song reminds me of a handful of stuff on Napalm Death's legendary Scum yet more death metal leaning than punk leaning. The vocals here are short bursts of intensity.

Overall a quick and fun listen with a lot of neat stuff crammed into about six minutes. Though I would have preferred to hear more thought out and lengthy songs who am I to judge? These guys have nothing to prove to anyone that they havent already proven. A full length could offer more so be on the lookout for one.