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not an outstanding thrash/black metal release - 66%

robert_sun, November 8th, 2006

Although I didn’t know their music before, I didn’t have a very good opinion about this Norwegian combo. I’ve read a few interviews (with the band’s leader Ingmar), which I didn’t like at all, so I put them down as the Black Metal band of Ingmar, the ex-bass player of the now defunct progressive metal band Conception. Now I have this CD, which comes with an ugly front-cover and the pictures from the booklet are quite ridiculous, showing Mr. Ingmar with a bloody heart (I guess it’s from a pig) in his hand. Hmm…these thoughts of mine are what we use to call “pre-conception” (and the band is post-Conception, haha).

Well, actually this album is surely not a treasure and obviously will not be remembered as a classic one by the BM fans. The record label is promoting them as “Norwegian black metal” which from one point of view is true, but false from another point of view. It’s true because the members are Norwegians, but musically speaking these songs has nothing in common with the well-known Norwegian Black Metal feeling.

In fact they combine traditional German thrash metal riffage with primitive and more rock-like themes reminding me of Venom. Sometimes the music is complicated without a logic (probably Ingmar could not leave behind his progressive metal background) and other times is just simple and straightforward. We can also hear a few keyboards, but only in the background. All in all it’s not bad, but nothing spectacular. This release can be simply labeled as aggressive and evil thrash metal with a few Black Metal and 80’s progressive metal influence.

Personally I have more consideration for thrash/black metal bands like Desaster, or Destroyer 666, who besides their ferocity they also have great atmosphere, which Crest Of Darkness lacks this time.