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A great but misguided Quasar song - 75%

natrix, February 10th, 2007

Quasar's EP is excellent doom, and the song they have on here, "Parade of Planets," is of the same style of funeral doom

"Parade of Planets" has my favorite moments of funeral doom, but ultimately the worse organization of the Quasar material that I have heard. The clean guitar interludes are utterly dazzling and beautfiul, and the synth parts are even more well constructed. Vocals are much, much better than on the EP, because they seem more organic and human, and don't drown out the other instruments. Guitars and drums are a merciless onslaught of brutal, frozen molasses ooze. Rich and depressive.

The major downside is that it seems like the parts were just thrown together. There are no strong segues. There is an excellent clean guitar part with either some chick wailing over it or some eerie keyboard (I'm unsure which), followed by a swelling synth part. The problem is, you can tell and feel quite well that these parts have absolutely nothing to do with one another. It's a real shame, because the thing I love about slow music is that it morphs from one movement to another. But on here, it doesn't, so I can't give it as high of a mark as the EP.