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New grounds! - 92%

grimdoom, July 26th, 2009

It finally happened; Crematory stepped up to the plate and made something original, exciting and different. Gone are their old and boring keyboard dominated songs/albums, instead replaced by a guitar driven fury that can only be described as HEAVY! Shedding their old style completely the band seamlessly fused techno and Metal together for a sound the likes of which has NEVER been heard before or since.

The production is great, adding fuel to the already raging fire. The guitars are FINALLY in the foreground as opposed to the bands older releases where they’re barely audible. The riffs are immense and thunderous. There are a few leads but no solos. Tuning to 'A' they chug their way through every song with an upbeat Thrash/Death Metal feel that none of the melodic Swedish bands could ever hope to touch.

The bass follows the guitars, but in this instance it works well as the band opted to fuse techno and Metal. Had the bass wandered around it would've sounded out of place and confused.

The drums are a let down in that they are far too simplistic. There are several instances where they should've been the dominating force but aren’t. What they lack in over all creativity doesn’t mire the songs.

The keyboards are interesting and fun. They add the dancing vibe that comes with techno but they also add some decent leads and a vast amount of darkness to any given song. They are without a doubt one of the better parts of this new Crematory.

The vocals are standard cookie monster and thus annoying. There are clean vocals provided by both Felix and the guitarist, but for the most part they are deathly. They lyrics are sung mostly in English but there are a couple of tracks that are in German. The lyrics are also more contemporary than the bands prior fare and work well with the music.

The fact that this band merged these two rather alien sounds together into something cohesive is very remarkable. To simply refer to this as Gothic Metal wouldn't do it justice. If that were the case then ...and Oceans would be "Gothic" too. This is highly recommended for those who like to dance and headbang at the same time and/or for those who crave something different.

Revolution- the come back album - 90%

Frederick, July 15th, 2004

This new Crematory release was very expected, not only because this is the come back album since they've disbanded, but also because this album directly follows one of the ultimate masterpieces of goth/ atmospheric metal, that "Believe" album is.

What to say about "Revolution"? Well, first what I can say is "no worry, this album is really a good Crematory album". Gorgeous intro, a bunch of strong songs such as "Angel of Fate", "Open your eyes", "Tick Tack"," Revolution" and all the specific Crematory know-how.

All the elements that make Crematory famous in the recent years are there:
Heavy powerful riffs, melancholic melodies, mystic atmospheres, electro touch, the dynamic contrast between Felix powerful grunting cold voice and Matthias clean warm voice. Yes, everything is there.

Of course, if you're first a fan of the dark romanticism of the Lötte period, and haven't been satisfied very much with their specific artistic direction since "Act Seven", then, you'll not be particularly enthusiastic with this new album for its aesthetic is in the strict continuation/ evolution of what has been developed for the last two albums. Nevertheless the dark song "Angel of fate" is quite close to what they used to play in the early years.

However let's notice that the electro/new age influence which has got more and more present
since A7 is here put more forward again in this album. So obviously this album doesn't aims at all the close minded and conservative defenders of a strict traditional approach of metal where introduction of "extra-metal" elements such as electro, is regarded as an heresy.- notice I'm not saying here I have something against traditional metal though. On the contrary-

On the other hand, people who consider that Crematory has reached their artistic maturity since Act seven -with their electro/new age influences and all their subtle elaborate arrangements for keyboards and guitar, notably- should be quite glad of this new album.

Matt definitely brought a new breath to Crematory when he joined the band a couple of years ago.

As a conclusion what I can say is "Revolution" is a really good album, featuring all the maturity the band has gained throughout their history. However I can't say this album is better than "Believe" or "Act 7". I would rate it 90/100. whereas I rate 100/100 for believe and 95/100 for Act 7.

In any case, I have a special admiration for the musical sensivity of Katrin with her deep melancholic melodies and atmospheres. The contrast she creates with the brutal and powerful side of the band, is really unique and wonderful. Crematory totally deserves their reputation of leader of the German gothic scene. Man, they just rule.

Please excuse my English misspelling and my syntax errors, this is not my mother tongue.