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The ultimae fan package... - 83%

Snxke, May 27th, 2003

This double CD set contains a whole live show and rare single/demo tracks long lost to the creeping hands of Crematory admirers worldwide.

The huge booklet (60 fucking pages!) provides tons of history (in German - so bone up now), photos and a total discography for fans to pour through. A true career retrospect if I've ever seen one!

The CD's themselves are filled with KILLER music. The live CD is tight and well recorded and filled with enough music to tire out even the most ardent fan. "Deformity" and "The Eyes of Suffering" being key cuts. The second CD with the demo tracks and single tracks is also worthy with "Face the Unkown" being a favorite.

This CD is worthy for all fans or those looking to get into this band. They really worked hard to make this a worthy collection to remember a band that barely left their own homeland.