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Early Years... - 90%

Skyklad, August 20th, 2002

CREMATORY - Early Years (Massacre~1999)
Looking for something different in your music?? Look no further than Crematory who bring forth a special 3 disc "box set" for your listening pleasure. The band is best recognized by their gothic, keyboard drenched brand of melodic death with a slight techno twist and this release sees them further experiment with vocal distortion and dance beats. While most metal listeners cringe at this thought I have welcomed it with open ears and mind. Disc one contains a selection of songs demonstrating the bands classic, most catchy songs and finishes up with a cool medley. Disc two takes these same tunes and twists them into a mess of dance beats, death metal and outlandish musical experimentation. This is not for the weak of heart when it comes to hearing classics if you don't want your ears scorned with odd techno "Ace Of Base" remixes then steer clear of this one. The third disc is the crowned jewel of the lot and features video clips of four songs: In My Hands, Tears Of Time, Ist Es Wahr and Shadows Of Mine. After viewing the video clips I hunger to see this incredible band live in concert!!! I would consider this release more for the avid Crematory fan/collector and caution the inquisitive new fan to experience previous material first. The intelligent lyrics, hooks and pure atmospheric bliss of this band will enrapture you with a desire to hear and feel the band that is Crematory.