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Fuck you Crematory for going gay after this! - 100%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, October 25th, 2009

Dear Crematory;


Yours truly, the listener.

I fucking hate this band. Not in a bad way, but in a laughable way that means I hate them in the fact that this band is like Loki the trickster pulling funny little ha-ha pranks on the listener from one release to the other. "Awake" is an album that still continues to confuse the shit out of me, but I always wondered about their earlier releases, well by some awkward quark of fate I manage to stumble upon their 1992 demo and goddamn if they actually had a release that stuck to one goddamn genre of music. On this demo is strictly death metal.

Crematory started out as a pure death metal act with no cheesy Goth influences. No need to worry because this is a pretty killer fucking demo. I can sum up the entire album in just one word: Massacre. This sounds a lot like Massacre's classic "From Beyond" album. So right there you're in for some good old-school death metal. Also the first song "Engulfed In Darkness" DOES have keyboards, but it's the cheesy Casio-style keyboards the even more kick-ass Nocturnus used and the song even has a total Nocturnus feel. "Face The Unknown" is nothing but double-bass assault with a mid-tempo chorus with a killer crunching heavy-as-fuck riff towards the end. "Prophecies In The Last Days" and "Burry All Life" continue the total kick-ass death metal worship and at certian points sound similar to fucking Sinister. Not as brutal as classic Sinister but still kick-ass death metal worship. And that's all this demo is....early 90's death metal worship and damn good at it. The outro is definitely a clue for what they would sound like after this demo but still nowhere near that.

If you have doubted Crematory....doubt no more. Find their demo, pick it up, or listen to online Mp3's of it. Completely worth your time.