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thunder from down under - 90%

barbeloh, September 20th, 2008

"Funeral Crawl." Sounds like a doom album to me, and there's some of that to Creeping...This music is filthy, the guitars are hazy and choppy, often relying on riffs that create a "wall of sound" feel...the vox are raspy and not afraid to moan and cry, hitting the variety of registers normally attempted only by guys like Fenriz or Wrest...the drums have a decidedly organic feel, no triggers, rarely reaching tempos of even mid-range blasting.

Yet that's only one side of "Funeral Crawl." Straight off, this album is loaded with the power of riff. Almost every song breaks down into a jam on a true fist-pumper, all too rare in metal these days (particular favorites for me are the midsections of "Ten Horns" and "Reckoning"). Many licks are straight out of Iommi's playbook ("Dirge"; "Abyss...and the Swamp") and even have that bouncy Sabbath gallop. Moreover, the rhythm section is absolutely tight. The drums and bass are tasteful and provide a fabulous low end for both the droning and driving aspects of the guitars.

Creeping is the unholy wedding of themes drawn from Isengard, Reverend Bizarre, but esp. "Sabotage" and "Vol. 4"-era Black Sabbath. Now that is a very beautiful thing. You've been waiting for this for ages. Crawl.