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Excellent Saudi Arabian Grindcore - 89%

RancidFeces, March 12th, 2007

This was a total surprise to me. I had never heard any bands from Saudi Arabia and I must say that this is an excellent demo. You would think by looking at the cover that this is going to be some generic goregrind or brutal death but in fact this is a great blend of grindcore and hardcore with a strong influence of thrash and death metal.

Production is pretty good but still raw enough to keep with the atmosphere of the music. On to the music, it is really played quite well, other than a few minor drum mistakes here and there. The riffs are very catchy and flow with the rest of the music quite well. Vocals are very good as well, mostly hardcore-ish screaming but unique in their own way, they also switch off to brutal death/goregrind style gurgling but the screaming is used throughout most of the album.

There are a few times when the music slows down a bit, which gives you a second to catch your breath but they quickly begin blasting away again. I really enjoy the way the music switches up combining four of my favorite genres of extreme music. I am definately a fan of hardcore, but you don't necessarily need to be one yourself to enjoy this album. I'd say if you're a fan of grind, you'll totally dig this. If you're a metal fan, don't worry, this album is strongly influenced by death and even some thrash metal riffs.

I am not familiar with any other bands from Saudi Arabia but after hearing these guys, I'd love to find some more. I listened to this demo five times in a row before writing this review and not once did I even begin to get sick of it. I REALLY hope these guys are planning a full length because this teaser is 5 tracks in only 13 minutes.

Only 50 copies of this demo were made so just download it at the band's website for free. You'll be glad you did.