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Raw and brilliant. - 95%

justinbean, April 8th, 2009

Creation is Crucifixion (CIC) seemed to exist more in the underground hardcore/metalcore scene than in the death metal scene, in which they would have been equally at home musically.

CIC's lyrical content set them apart from the pack by taking an interest in subversive/anarchist theories of religion, technology and economics. These lyrics formed songs on 'In_Silico' such as "Burn The Churches - A Manifesto" and "For Debord - A Spectacle of Screams," which CIC combined with blisteringly fast technical deathgrind. Blast beats run rampant and fret-shredding guitar work appears in just about every track, the raw, noice rampage being interrupted by apocalyptic noise-scapes that lend the album an atmosphere portending humanity's spiritual and technological annihilation.

In_Silico is a dark and evil record that took, albeit at a somewhat amateur level, a page from Suffocation's most seminal albums and combined it with the raw ferocity of American late 90s grindcore. Yes, the production is very raw, but the remastered edition, which is now available, makes the album very listenable. If you can only find the original copy, well, then I'll buy it from you if it's too under-produced. I can dig it.