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Creamface / Misogynist Pussyslasher

Creamface / Misogynist Pussyslasher / Misogynist Creamer

Split review #7 - 67%

UCTYKAH, January 23rd, 2010

Well-well, CREAMFACE finally made it here. Good-good. Sleaze 'n smut is usually a welcome addition to our solid block of tried and true family values. What more can you wish for? Aside from more NICOLE 12 recordings, that is. It is nice to see a wider representation of Mikko Aspa's creative outlets in these parts. He can be super serious with DsO all he wants, but that does not prevent him from plain ol' beating of the bald-headed midget with CREAMFACE when he feels like it. I do recall an old interview of his for Worm Gear zine on behalf of CLANDESTINE BLAZE (I believe it was issue #10), where he came off almost like Steve Albini of black metal. How endearing is that?!

Mikko has kept his CREAMFACE going for a number of years now, putting out his brand of pornographic grind with particular fixation on the ancient art of fellatio, inevitable results of subsequent eruptions and on consumption of protein-rich, turbid white goo. Of course, the band does not limit itself merely by tales of salivation over some flesh rods and happily visits other corners of human sexual universe, touching, on this particular release, upon highly debated subjects of anal sex, pubic hair and psychological issues within the porn industry. All in a fairly insightful if succinct manner of course, so for porn-minded amongst you - there ya go.

According to, this release was supposed to have come out on Bill "Relapse" Yurkiewicz's label Last House On The Right, which eventually backed out, having failed to come to terms with overly explicit cover, lyrics and inlay photographs. Eventually, three hundred pro-manufactured copies were unleashed by Mikko himself through one of his imprints Lolita Slavinder. What else is there to blabber about? Well, this split with likeminded countrymen, fellow perverts and all around hardcore misogynists comes with an extra perk: tracks from CREAMFACE and MISOGYNIST PUSSYSLASHER collaborative effort called MISOGYNIST CREAMER (duh!). That's whole extra nine sonic cum shots for you folks to gargle on.

Band #1 - CREAMFACE: Mikko's take on grindcore is not revolutionary in any way but still enjoyable in small doses and even carries some substance, dare I say. Overall, the crux of CREAMFACE brand of grind alternates between heavy, slow grooves and chaotic blasting, both of which are periodically interspersed with whirling guitar solos. Certainly nothing new, and I am sure the author is well aware of that, And so, he likes to embellish these tracks with bit of extra perks. Aside from a nice reverberating riff on the second track "Obvious End", the band's contribution is adorned on both ends with slightly aberrant, black metal inspired pieces, both of which are a very welcome addition. Opener "Similar Needs" takes off with a decent, mid-paced tremolo riff before jetting away in a blasting, whirring frenzy, while closing track "Throat Romance" features a neat tandem of a quasi-epic riff and swirling, old school guitar solo. The latter number, being paired with a bombastically pompous and misogynistic porn sample produces quite a hilarious effect. The porno samples themselves, it should be said, are a whole separate story to a degree. Mikko definitely loves his smut and picks the best lines, some of which (on tracks "Need For Fame" and "Learning How To Work") do indeed come off like some social commentaries on the nature of porn business and the reasons for its never ending stream of rotating cadres.

Band #2 - MISOGYNIST PUSSYSLASHER: These boys choose a decidedly more industrialized, nearly cyber-grind, approach, what with a fast, bouncy drum-computer being just all over the place and infusing the material with quite a bit of catchiness. Processed vocals - either asthmatic gurgling or bestial grunts - continue to (slightly) tilt the material in that direction, but not entirely. Slow and ultra low guitars churn out what are essentially sludge riffs, which serve as a good counterpoint to the rhythmic galloping. Generally, M.P. occupies an adjacent area that CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION made their own in the mid-90's, except that the former possess an upgraded version of a drum software. Right in the middle of four punchy, accelerated pieces that M.P. contributes sits the fifth number - nearly eight minute long sluggish, depressive downer creatively entitled "Desecrated Filthy BitchBruised And Covered With Shit and Cum", which features M.P.'s only solo and even bits of clean lead guitar. Not bad.

Aesthetically, given the band's name, their attempting to stay true to their chosen moniker and go a step further in their namesake direction, M.P. is considerably more mean spirited than CREAMFACE. Serious obsession with pedophilia, rape and all sorts of sexual abuse (with track titles like "Proud To Be A Pedophile" or "Satisfaction Is Man's Privilege") ups the ante a bit. After relatively goo(d) natured CREAMFACE and its comparatively mainstream pornographic themes, it might be a bit tougher to fit M.P. into a median cultural orifice for us puritanical folks. But then if a musical disc themed around blowjobs and jizz manages to catch your interest, well then, a bit of good old ultra-violence should make a fine dessert. Go on, all you porno-grind neophytes, let the demons of perversion out of your system, for the seasoned aficionados surely won't even bat an eyelid.

Band #3 - MISOGYNIST CREAMER: M.C. continues the aesthetic lineage of its parents, especially M.P., but differs musically. Referring to these tracks as the best of both worlds would be just plain lazy, not to mention erroneous. Besides, it is not really the case because M.C. is considerably more death metal influenced, so just tagging this stuff death/grind would not be out of place. Ironically, I must say that the results this joint effort produced are my least favorite on the disc. Despite being propelled by blistering drum work and featuring a three person line-up, Messrs. Creamer and Pussyslasher, along with Dr. Sadist, spend too much time just going through the motions and making little headway. I wouldn't be surprised if these tracks were simply a product of these guys getting together for a rehearsal or two and then laying them down. The guys can play, don't get me wrong, and they certainly are together when it comes to the technical side of things. It's just that the material itself sounds more like a semi-chaotic jam session these boys came up with in the throws of passion. There are surely benefits in this: unfeigned self-expression, spontaneity and everything else up the alley. In this specific case, though, M.C. basically spent the first six tracks just having a good time. Things pick up with a bit more composure when "Misogynist Creamer vs. The Romantic Dreamer" rolls along, but by then it is already time to start wrapping things up.

Final verdict: Still a recommendable release for grind fans. Since CREAMFACE and M.P. are the main attractions, with M.C. tucked in as an added bonus, it altogether adds up to a nice, filthy piece of sleaze that would be perfect for a certain narrow segment of the population.