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For the Godflesh fan who has run out of Godflesh - 65%

dalecooper, November 30th, 2017
Written based on this version: 1995, CD, Pavement Music

I picked up this CD for cheap on a recent binge of industrial enjoyment, and this came recommended to me as Godlesh-like. That's the closest reference point by far, although the vocals sometimes get a little deathier than Broadrick's typically do (he's more of a hardcore bark guy, give or take a few tracks over the years). Another comparison would be Fear Factory's debut if the tempos rarely revved up past crawling (oh, I get the band name now) and the hooks were toned down by 80%. But the Commonwealth of Godflesh is where this mostly resides, and if it lacks the all-consuming misery and despair of that band, it is no less abusive in its single-minded brutality.

I would be hard-pressed to single out specific tracks, and that seems to be by design. Riffs are mostly interchangeable and the drum machine hammers and clanks along. The biggest signposts that the song has changed tend to be an occasional repeated chorus chant.

In short, this is pretty much meat-and-potatoes industrial death metal with a strong groove influence. Even Helmet fans could enjoy quite a bit of this, though there are no disaffected clean vocals to inject melody into the mix. It's all a Godzilla-speed rampage through territory first pioneered by more famous bands. And probably better bands. But this ain't bad if you need a fix.

Note: I am given to understand that their second album is fairly different from this, and have not checked it out.