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Excelllllllent - 90%

The_Scrab, July 25th, 2009

A couple years back, when I was goofing around on Youtube and looking up cool new bands, I found a really glam looking band called "Crashdïet ". At first, I was skeptical; as much as I love Glam Metal, most modern bands that I've seen that might sorta look like a new wave glam band always seemed kinda disappointing. But, I went against my inhibitions, and I clicked on the video anyway. I can't remember what the song was, but I remember being less than impressed with it. "Great", I thought, "Another promising looking band spoiled by blah music." As I was about to move away from the page to something else, my hand decided to click on another video. This video was for the lead off track for this album, 'In the Raw", and I was hooked instantly. I"d never heard a glam metal band with such an upbeat, powerful, and fucking heavy sound. The riffs were simple, but they were heavy, the drums pounded, the bass thumped, and the vocals snarled and screeched in a way I'd never quite heard before. I looked up so more stuff, looked up some back history (learning the sad story of the previous vocalist, R.I.P.) and decided that, since I had relatives visiting soon, that I would order it at a slightly cheaper price in the U.K. (still fucking expensive) and have them bring it over on their trip. It ended up being the only good thing that happened for the entire trip, but that's another story. What's important here is to realize that, quite frankly, this album kicks ass.

I know a lot of people are turned off when they hear the words "Glam" or "Hair" used in the same sentence as "metal" unless "I hate" is attached to the beginning, but don't let their looks fool you, Crashdïet are, at heart, a proper metal band. Drawing influence from such acts as "Motley Crue", "Skid Row", "W.A.S.P." and Ratt, Crashdïet have produced a really modern take on a musical scene that happened about twenty years ago, and with spectacular results. They've managed to use the benefits of modern innovations such a digital production without sounding like some gay eyeliner wearing screamo band. The result? An album full of crushingly heavy riffs, powerful (if badly translated) lyrics, and stellar performances. Look at songs like "In the Raw", with it's typical sleaze lyrics, crushingly heavy riff that you'd never think would ever have anything to do with glam, or "Like a Sin", with it's rumbling speed metal bass line, "Die Another Day" with a screaming guest solo from Glam Veteran Mick Mars, and the "Buried Song", with it's funny and powerfully delivered lyrics and blazing guitar leads. It defies all expectations of what you'd expect in any Glam Metal album, taking an old and worn genre and filling it with life again.

There are a couple dips in quality on this album, and some may not care for Oliver Twisted's vocal performance, but I highly recommend this to anyone who likes 80's glam metal, and most people who can look beyond a pretty-boy image and appreciate a band for it's quality songwriting and powerful delivery.

Good luck finding a copy if you're not from Sweeden though