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Incredibly Well Done - 76%

DeathRiderDoom, May 20th, 2009

Crashdiet – Riot in Everyone/Out of Line

I’ll just get this out of the way by saying Crashdiet is an excellent rock band, especially for a new act. They craft an incredibly strong, metal-edged hard rock that while being an obvious homage to the classic glam rock/melodic heavy metal of the 1980’s (a la Skid Row) has a distinct, driving modern sound that makes for a winning and thrilling combination. Riot in Everyone/Out of Line was released with now deceased (R.I.P.) vocalist Dave Hellman in 2004.

The A-side to the release is an energetic rock anthem, in that uplifting, motivational spirit characteristic of 80’s glam metal and hard rock (as well as heavy metal – let’s not forget dude). I thoroughly enjoy this type of song, it’s like a genre within a genre, and this one is crafted excellently. Opening with some well-mixed crunchy guitar laid down over sirens, you can feel the tension building that will later in the chorus erupt in a piercing and heart-wrenching emotive chorus. The chorus itself is the emotional climax, made brilliant by the vocals of Hellman, who’s got an awesome voice. “Woooah, we’re the kids of the underground, and it’s a feeling you can’t deny..” – is very much taking a page out of Skid Row’s book. A punchy youth album about standing up for what you believe in.

I particularly enjoy how this song blends something of a modern, almost radio-friendly kind of melodic songwriting, with the very direct nod to the anthemic hair bands of the 1980’s. truly great songwriting to think of this masterpiece; one of my favourite tracks from Crashdiet, along with ‘Breakin the Chainz’.

Meanwhile, the B-side also has its credentials. ‘Out of Line’ has a slower pace, less aggressive delivery, yet lacks nothing in the grittiness of lyrics and content. Vocals are mixed well in this one with some crisp reverb coming in, and really well though out verse lyrics. I guess the guitar verse is quite weak, not really offering anything, buts it’s a slower number after all. The quality of mixing on this release is excellent and that comes through both in this song, but perhaps with more immediacy in the first. ‘Out of Line’ is the more radio friendly song of the two, though Crashdiet’s sound is less-offensive than a lot of modern heavy metal which comes to mind.

All round a strong single – two decent songs with ‘Riot in Everyone’ being an absolute winner. Crashdiet has their own sound but clearly they owe much of there allegiance to classic heavy metal and glam, which is great in my books. If looking for a small sampling of the band, check out this great single.